Sovereign Mercia is now part of the Frisian Alliance, and recognises Independent Mercia (the Acting Witan of Mercia)
as the legitimate representatives of Mercian sovereignty


Reconstructing the ancestral heritage of the Frisian-descended peoples – Juttar, Lêtne, Stjurar, Sêkæmpar, Angelara, Kâd-hêmar, Saxmanna, Landsâton, Mârsata, Holtsâta.

The Frisian Alliance seeks to restore the traditional lifestyle of the Frisian peoples – as described in the ancient Frisian text known as the Oera Linda Book – by creating networks of free and self-sufficient communities with a specific focus on youth.
Mercia is bounded by the Rivers Thames and Avon to the south, Wales to the west, the Mersey and Humber to the north, the Fens and the River Lea to the east.

Mercia is a lawfully self-governing region. Organic democracy: bottom-up democracy, in which everyone can participate. Co-operative community: working together for the good of all. Ecological balance: living in harmony with natural surroundings.
Frisian Regional Youth Alliance
Mercian Regiment (2nd Battalion)